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Payback Is Coming

Payback Is Coming. Some people are living with a sense of shame because of something that happened to them that was not even their fault. You mish have been misted when y were growing up. Somebody took advantage of you. The enemy will twist thing and try to convince you that it was your fault. Do not believe those lies.

If they did you worn, the problem was not with you, the problem was with them. God saw what happened. He say the injustice. You may think. Nobody knows what I have endured. Nobody knows my hurts, my shame, and my pains. But God knows.

He saw every person who lifted a finger against you. He saw every lonely night, every tear and every hurt. God is going to pay you back for the injustice in such a way that you would not even remember what happened. It is not going to be on the forefront of your mind. He is going to make your life so blessed, so rewarding and so fulfilling that you would not even think about the people who hurt you.

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