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Be Happy with Who you are

The other day somebody asked me to name the one thing I would change about myself if I could. I do not mean to sound arrogant, but I could not think of anything. Now there are plenty of areas in which I need and want to improve, but here is my point, I do not sit around thinking about everything that is wrong with me, I do not have all must flaws, weaknesses and shortcomings at the forefront of my mind.

I do not go through the day reliving my failure, bearing myself for past mistakes or letting a negative recording condemn me for everything than I am not. I say this with humility, I like myself. I am happy with who I am. I am proud of who God made me to be? Again, I am not bragging on me, I am bragging on the goodness of God. I know that I am a masterpiece. I know that I am His prized possession, fearfully and wonderfully made.

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