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Run Your Own Race

Run your own race. When we start competing with people, we get distracted, we lose focus and before long we are wasting time on things that are not moving us toward our purpose. Someone has said, successful people are so focused on their own goals that they do not have time to look around to see what everybody else is doing. Run your race and when somebody passes you by, do not be intimated. Be inspired. If God did it for them. He can do it for you. But if you cannot celebrate people who are further along than you, you will never get to where they are. You have to pass the rent of being happy for people who have passed you up, because there will be the tendency to be jealous, to start finding fault and being critical, saying. Well, they do not deserve it. They are not that talented anyway. Let me tell you some bad things I heard about them. Do not fall into that trap. God’s shoeing them favor does not man He is not going to show you favor. Be happy for them. Run your own race.

Run your own race. When you are someone who is blessed, who is twisting higher, it is easy to think. Well they have just had a lot of food breaks. What you might not realize is that the favor on their life did not come without pain. Promote for them to get where emotion did not come without struggles, without them firing off discouragement, without struggles, without them fighting off disagreement, without them pressing forward when they felt like giving up. Run your own race. You do not know what it took for them to get where they are. Sometimes we come in at the end of the movie. We see everything working out. They are happy, to do, successful. What we did not see was the muffle, the tears, the lonely nights, the struggles. Be big enough to elaborate what God is doing in the life. Do not be a Saul. Do not miss your destiny because you are sour that somebody passed you up. Their success is not stopping what God wants to do in your life. God did not use up all of His favor on them. Run your own race.

Run your own race. It is a test. Are you going to compete with them and spend all your energy trying to keep up or are you going to celebrate what God has done? You can tell who your true friends are not by who comes when you fall and are down. When you make a mistake, people will feel sorry. They will show up to help you. Your true fiends are the ones who show up when you succeed. They celebrate when you are promoted. They are happy when God bless you. Run your own race.   They are high-fiving you when you move into that new house. You have heard the saying, it is lonely at the top. It is because not everybody can handle our success and too often people get envious, jealous and critical. Let’s pass this test. When somebody passes you by, give them a high gig and keeping running your race. Do not look to the left or to the right. Keep being who God’s made you to be. Run your own race.

Run your own race. One time I was out running through my neighborhood and I saw a man running about a quarter of a mile in front of me. I thought, I am going to catch him. I had about mile before I needed to run off and go done my path. I picked up the pace and started giving on him and gaining horn him and I was feeling great and thinking. Run your own race.   Look what I was feelings great and thinking. Look what I am dong. Getting closer and closer, I finally passed him. I because him. He had not known we were racing, but I felt good about it. About that time I realized I had been so focused on catching him that I missed my turn. I had to run around and go back about six blocks where I was supposed to turn. Run your own race.

Run your own race. That is what happens when we start competing with people. It is a destruction. Run your own race.   We are turning in a race that we are not supposed to be in, competing with people who many times do not even know it. If that man knew we were racing, I had probably still be trying to catch him. He would have sped up. Do not get restricted. Run your race.

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