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The Odds Cannot Stop You

Are you letting the odds talk you out of your dreams, talk you out of your health, talk you out of your freedom? I know a young lady who applied for a scholarship at a prestigious university. The odds cannot stop you.

The odds cannot stop you. Twenty six hundred other students applied as well. The challenge was that there were only twelve scholarship available. Those odds were less than one half of one percent. She could have thought, what is the use? There is no point in ever trying. These are impossible odds. Instead, she did what I am asking you to do. She dared to believe that God would open the doors that she was supposed to go through. It does not always happen the way we think. The odds cannot stop you.  God knows what is best. But if you are letting the odds talk you out of stretching, out of dreaming, out of believing, you are going to miss the fullness of your destiny. If you can accomplish everything in your own strength, you do not need God’s help. But when the odds are against you and you do not see a way, you do not have the connections or the finances, you are too young or too old, that is when you have to dig your hells in and say, God, I know these odds are not problem for You. I know this a setup for You to show out. That is what this young lady did. Several months later she received a letter saying, congratulations, out of twenty six hundred applicants, you are one of the twelve that we have chosen. The odds cannot stop you.

The odds cannot stop you.  The word it uses for creation means that He made them out of nothing. Every expert would have said, this is impossible. You do not have anything to work with. The odds cannot stop you.

The odds cannot stop you.  Here is how amazing God is, He started the universe with odds of zero.  He had nothing to work with, not way in the natural, materials, no resources, but God is not moved by the odds. He did not check with Accounting and say, I am about to create the starts, galaxies and planers. The odds cannot stop you. I have nothing to work with. What are the odds of this happening? Accounting would have said, zero, You have material, no resource, God would have said, Thanks you for your information. Now let there be light and light would come shooting at 186000 miles a second. The odds cannot stop you.

The odds cannot stop you.  God spoke worlds into creation. He did not Google it to see of it was possible. He did not try to figure out a way. He is the way. He did not try to open a door. He is the door. He does not check the odds to see if you can reach your destiny. He speaks and it how you were raised becomes your destiny. The odds cannot stop you.  God is not limited by y8ur background by how you were raised by education. He is all powerful. He can take nothing and make something magnificent. Imagine what He can do with you. You are His prized procession. He breathed His life into you. You have the DNA of Almighty God. There may be odds against you in certain areas, but they are stop you. God has destined you to leave your mark. Do not let the odds discourage you. Donor let what you think is not going in happened talk you out of believing. Even if the odds are zero in a million, all God has to do is speak and the odds change in your favor. The odds cannot stop you.

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